Soul Winning Principles

The Royal City Corporate Soul winning Principles

  • Bringing kingdom governance to our neighbourhood and our communities by providing christian education.
  • Attending to the prayer requests/needs of our neighbourhood through the ‘Beautiful Gate ‘Project.
  • Prioritising ministry to people in the community.
  • Providing pastoral care for our immediate communities through The ‘Local Pastoring Model’ or ‘Neighbourhood Pastoring Model’.
  • Securing confidence in the church through excellence in our service to the public.
  • Providing church services to our communities in their mother tongue.
  • Planting churches in Kent, outside Kent and outside of the UK.

The Royal City Personal Soul winning Principles

  • Principle 1: Show yourself friendly - Proverbs says, “A man who has friends must show himself to be friendly.”
  • Principle 2: Be willing to mix with those who are not saved or who do not know Jesus Christ - Try to attend their social gatherings when you are invited.
  • Principle 3: Ditch your ‘holier than thou attitude’ – Don’t try to impress your friends with a "I'm more holy than you" attitude. Sinners strongly do not like it when we act this way.
  • Principle 4: Accept our friends who are not saved as they are (sinners) - That does not mean we agree with or accept the things they do or the way they live.
  • Principle 5: Love your friends unconditionally(Romans 5:8) - Try to show them God's love that is without condition, by your love that is without condition.
  • Principle 6: Look out for unmet needs - Look out for needs in their lives that are not met, and try to help them to meet these needs.
  • Principle 7: Share your testimony - Share with your friends what Christ has done in your life and what He means to you at the right time. This is an indirect way to win your friend to Christ.

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